[icm week 7] The Beautifying Mirror

Screenshot 2015-10-14 12.53.41

(See The Beautifying Mirror here.)

It was fun to move out of the canvas with DOM this week. All the HTML/CSS stuff really brought me back to my early days on the web, hand-coding Harry Potter fansites in middle school. (Back before we thought this might actually be a useful skill to pursue!)

That’s probably why the page I made this week is sort of early-2000’s nostalgic in style. I wanted to do something with the webcam feature, so I pulled a frame image off the googles and set the camera capture inside. My goal was to play with the idea of “improving” your appearance with the slightly disparaging encouragement of the text on the page. I hope it’s at least a tiny bit unsettling.

my friend Chris tests the mirror

I made my buttons and text in my sketch and created a separate CSS stylesheet.

In the future, I’d love to take this idea a little further with facial tracking software and the ability to screenshot your final image. (And probably better assets that weren’t just random things I found as quickly as possible.)

Check it out!

My sketch.js code is below, but it doesn’t include my stylesheet or index HTML.

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