[eroft final] Tabomancy 2.0

For my final, I worked on improving my tabomancy Chrome extension that would give you a daily fortune based on how many tabs you have opened.

I didn’t quite get it to work perfectly, and there’s a lot more that could be done with the writing as well. But the main change I made, technically, was for the fortune to show up every time you created a new tab in your browser, rather than having to click on the little extension icon. You only get one fortune a day, and when your fortune isn’t “ready” yet, it shows you the image above. It now calculates your fortune after you have opened 6 new tabs (and it doesn’t matter if you open them all in a row, or if you closed some, or how much time has passed between opening them). At that moment, it counts how many tabs you have opened and give you your fortune.

I think this definitely makes it a little more interesting than how I had it last time. Previously, you just had to click on the little extension icon at the top of your Chrome. But now the fortune happens at a somewhat random moment, so it feels less in the control of the person who is getting their fortune read. So that makes is (slightly) less game-able, which may mean that it’s a more “natural” reading.

There would definitely be a lot more technical and conceptual work to be done for this project to be really good, or to be a Chrome extension that might be good enough for someone to actually want to use. It doesn’t take into consideration people’s different tab habits, and the logic is really simplistic (less tabs = good, more tabs = bad). I haven’t quite figured out if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.


[eroft week 3] daily fortune: tabomancy

I made a really simple fortune teller, which does what I’m calling “tabomancy.” Basically, it’s a Chrome extension you can click on to get your daily fortune:

The way it determines whether or not you are going to have a good day is by looking at how many tabs you have open in your window. The more tabs you have open, the worse of a day it’s going to be.

This is obviously silly, but I also sort of believe that it might be maybe kind of…real. Having a ton of tabs open usually means that there’s something stressful going on in your life, and you’re trying to balance a lot of things. If you only have one or two tabs open, it just feels more relaxed.

Of course I’m just imposing my own tech superstition/ritual onto this — I think I do a thing where I close all my tabs if I’m feeling too cluttered, and it has a sort of cleansing effect. This is not true for everyone but it might be true enough for enough people that tabomancy might actually work.

Code here.