[animation week 2] The Spin (stop motion)

Oh man, this took a looooong time – almost 3 full days of work, but Jamie and I are happy with our stop motion animation.

We spent the first day building the set, the second day shooting, and the third day editing.

It varied a bit from the storyboard, namely in the casting of the main character because we realized there was no easy way to make a banana stand up. We also simplified many of the camera angles we had ambitiously envisioned to begin with.

The hardest part of the process was just how tedious it was. But the nice thing about stop motion is that the result is pretty magical, so it seems worth the effort in retrospect!

Here are some pictures from filming:

IMG_0967 IMG_0970 IMG_0972

[animation week 1] Storyboard

IMG_0872 IMG_0873




It’s halfway through the semester, which for me means that Animation has begun! We’re really jumping into it fast.

Jamie and I did the storyboards this week for our stop motion animation. As you can tell, neither of us have much ability to draw at all, so we’re using fruit as our characters and objects. The story stars a lonely banana at the fruit prom. We’ll see how much it changes when it comes time to shoot…