[live web week 5] midterm idea

For my midterm, I basically want to keep building off of the project I made last week (which itself is built off the project I made a couple weeks ago), but with some improvements and a twist.

I want to make a chatroom with a text box that also takes a picture when you submit. But instead of it taking a photo of you, it will take a picture of someone else who’s also in the chatroom.

Theoretically, this should be possible through sockets (I believe), but I’m slightly unsure about the feasibility mostly because I’ve never seen anything else that does this on the internet. Hopefully that’s just because it’d be too creepy to implement on any real website, and not because it’s technologically restricted.

And I want to fix the problems I currently have with the page, including some messages disappearing and some of the photos not showing up. And hopefully I’ll also be able to wrangle the CSS enough to make it look nicer overall.


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