[arcade week 4] midterm idea: a game about petting cats

pink cat sitting

For my midterm, I want to make a game about petting cats. Specifically, I want to make a game about how hard it is to pet a cat. In real life, it’s already a bit of a game – you never know exactly where the cat wants you to pet it, or for how long. One wrong move and you get scratched. Hopefully, this little game I make will capture a bit of that feeling.

pink cat tail

I’m very much not good at drawing, or visual art in general, but I had a good time using Piskel to make these sprites. (For this post I’ve exported them as gifs.)

pink cat lying down

For my controller, I’ll be making something that has a joystick  to allow you to move the petting hand around the screen, and then a piece of furry fabric that you actually have to pet in order to trigger the action. The fur will be on top of a fabric button made with Velostat that connects to the Arduino.



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