[nothing week 4] midterm ideas


We (Jamie, Paula, Adi and I) brainstormed some ideas for an illusion to make for our midterm. Hopefully we’ll narrow it down after this week:

Phone hologram: https://www.facebook.com/hefty.co/videos/1748577158703988/

Using cut-up plastic and a video we create, we can use a phone screen to make a hologram.

Hybrid Image: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hybrid_image

We can design a large poster with a hybrid image of two faces (or something else!) that looks different when you’re close to it vs. when you’re far away.

Phantogram: http://www.gravitram.com/phantograms.htm

We can use Photoshop to design a phantogram, and print it out. With red-cyan glasses on, viewers will see it as a 3d object.

Phantom Words: http://deutsch.ucsd.edu/psychology/pages.php?i=211

Not sure if this project is exclusively for visual illusions, but we could use two speakers to make a Phantom Words auditory illusion.

Infinite Space: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNQiW00mxH4

Using one way mirrors, lights and movement to create a structure that manipulates space.

Ideas for locations within 721 Broadway include the basement, with its long hallways and brick walls, the room we actually have our class in, or possibly a closet. What kind of illusion we end up making will determine the best location for it. More soon!

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