[arcade week 3] the golden age of videogames

Screenshot 2016-02-17 16.43.38

We were to play three games from this list these week, and I went with three that I’d never heard of: BurgerTime, Elevator Action, and Track & Field.

BurgerTime was my favorite of the three. It’s sort of Pac Man-esque, in that you run around the screen avoiding enemies. But instead of collecting stuff, you’re stepping over the burger parts to make full burgers that cascade down the screen. The silly theme of the game appealed to me, and the objective was pretty straightforward once you began. I found it to be rather soothing to play for some reason – it just felt satisfying to complete a burger.

Screenshot 2016-02-17 16.47.54

The next one I tried was Elevator Time. I like the look of this game and was intrigued by the idea of an entire game where you ride an elevator, but found it sort of confusing to play. I wasn’t sure what my goal was, or how to interact with the different elements of the game. I bet that playing it on a real cabinet vs. a poorly-explained emulator online would probably help, but I didn’t get into it enough to be hooked to try again and again once I died.

Screenshot 2016-02-17 18.13.59

The last one I played was Track & Field – the hurdles, specifically. This is the only game that reflects a real game in the world (sports), so it was interesting for that reason. There’s something different about doing a simulation of something that exists in “real life,” because you come in with preconceived notions about how it’s supposed to work in the game.

I figured the hurdles game would be relatively easy, because all I had to do was jump at the right moment. But of course, like all arcade games, it wasn’t.

While I also enjoyed the aesthetics of this game, it didn’t hook me, but for the opposite reason Elevator Action didn’t hook me. I felt like I understood how the game works, but it was almost boring for that reason. It simulated something I understand in real life, but didn’t surprise me with anything new. (In contrast with something like QWOP, of course).

Now I think I’m going to play more BurgerTime.

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