[video & sound week 2] Late

Osama and I teamed up to do our Video & Sound assignment this week, which was to make a short soundscape.

We decided to tell a short story (of sorts) through sound, and did all the recording at my apartment. Osama ran the recorder and microphone while I did the “acting.”

Notes on editing:

  • Even though we ran through some basics in class, I found Logic to be pretty confusing — I guess it takes practice!
  • Upon opening the wav files up in logic, we saw that our levels were slightly on the low side. I’m not totally sure how to fix this except adjusting the volume knob on the track…
  • I’m not sure how to get rid of some of the microphone noises (mostly heard in the bathroom in our piece.)
  • I don’t know how to adjust some of the background sounds, or if that’s even possible in editing. For example, we recorded the sound of “running away” and “running towards” separately and in separate places, and the background hum in the “running towards” part makes the transition hard to sound seamless. (You can hear what I’m talking about around 1:16.)
  • I wasn’t sure how to organize my different tracks, or when to use different tracks.

Overall, we had a fun time recording and putting it together.

You can find the uncompressed version of the file here, and the Logic file here.

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